How to fix blurry favicon on blogger latest method

today in this article you know about how to fix blurry favicon on blogger latest method. From reading this article you can you blurry favicon problem.
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How to fix blurry favicon on blogger

hello friends in this article we are talking about how  blogger favicon are blurry and how to fix blurry favicon on blogger . 

favicon is very important for your website and you company . a high quality favicon can increase the attraction of people on your brands . And you website and brand are looking are better. 

the user can use you blog and they remember the favicon of you brand and they are trust on your website .

How to fix blurry favicon on blogger
How to fix blurry favicon on blogger

Why favicon are blurry?

the problem is the resolution and size of the favicon image. the blogger and decrease the size of favicon that's why they look blurry.

How to make the favicon clear?

yes the solution of this problem is very simple  . you can solve this problem in very few steps.

i want to share the methods how we can add high quality favicon on our blog.

Let get started!

How to fix low resolution favicon on blogger?

By some following steps you are able to make the blogger favicon in high resolution .

1. first of all create an high quality favicon png image that size is 64 by 64 and upload it on blogger page and then copy the image Url on you blogger page that you upload your image.

2. Next step is make an backup of you blogger template .

3. go to the blogger and then click on the theme section and click on dropdown section of the customize section .

4. click on backup .

5. Download the backup of you theme .

6. Again click on the drop down section and then click on "EDIT HTML".

7. On the HTML section press CTRL + F and then search '<body>' and enter  and then you insert the code below that i given .


" <script>

document.querySelector("link[rel*='icon']").href = "";

</script> "

8. Replace the '' to the URL where you have your favicon uploaded in Step 1.

9. Save the theme template.

10. Open your blog in the browser and you would see a high quality favicon.

after the save this code and then go to you website and you can check your favicon is very high resolution and and then looking better . The favicon can enhance your website and attract many people on your website . that  why it is very benefit for you.

i hope you have clear all about how to fix blurry favicon on blogger you can get knowledge from this post and please share this post to you friends and other member they get benefit from it . 

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