How to Save Zong Balance 2023

so today in thsi articel you know how to save zong balance while you are using internet. you can use the zong balance service and enjoy your internet.
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Hi, how are you if you are looking for the How to save zong balance? this is the major problem of the zong user. but don't worry I solve your problem. Most of the Zong users can use the zong network but they are facing a significant issue. 

while they are using their internet data, their balance is cut, the internet is running from their balance and most of their balance is wast. 

How to Save Zong Balance 2023

so today in this article we are discussing how to save the zong balance. And you know the method of saving your zong balance while you are using the internet. 

How to save zong balance

they are 2 methods that you can save your zong balance

  • zong balance save code
  • My zong app

How to save zong balance by code

If you want to save your zong balance by the code you can follow the simple steps that I have given below.

  • Open your mobile phone dialer
  • Dial this code *4004#
  • the 2 options that show on your mobile screen
  • select option 1
  • after clicking on option 1 then again two options are shown on the screen
  • now you can select the subscribe option
  • as soon you receive the SMS
  • now your subscription is activated 
  • now you can use the internet without any tension on your mobile

How to save zong balance with the My zong App

Now, this is the 2nd method that you can save your balance by the zong app. Then my zong app is very helpful for the zong user they can use this app on their mobile free of cost without any tension. 

This My zong application is available for both Android and iPhone users. Both can install this application on this mobile device from the Play Store and the App Store in very simple steps.

You can use this application the check your Mobile number, Balance, internet MBS, and remaining data of your mobile. if you want to use this app to save your zong balance then follow these simple steps.

  • first, install this application from the play store
  • after the install the app 
  • then create an account on this application
  • after the account creation then login into your account.
  • in my zong app, you can search the term " Balance Save Service"
  • now you can subscribe to this service
  • now your subscription is successfully done.
  • now you can enjoy your internet data without any tension.

How to unsubscribe from this zong balance save service

if you want to unsubscribe from this then are a few simple steps that I have given below

  • open your mobile phone dialer
  • dial these code *4004#
  • now 2 options are shown select the "unsubscribe the service"
  • you receive the sms
  • your service has been unsubscribed


I hope I solve your problem with the help you this article on how to save zong balance. if my article is helpful to you then you can share this article with your other friends who are facing this same problem.

Thank you for reading this problem.

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