How To Apply For Student Loan In Pakistan

How to apply for student loan in Pakistan

Student loans can help you finance your education and give you time to build a solid financial foundation. They offer long-term payment options and flexible repayment terms, and you may be eligible for loan forgiveness, cancellation or discharge -- plus, it's possible to have your interest payments reduced. Borrowers with regular income have the opportunity to repay their loans according to their budgets while avoiding delinquency and default.

How to apply for student loan in Pakistan
How to apply for student loan in Pakistan 

If you want a better understanding of why an education loan is a good financial decision then continue reading. These are the thoughts and views of countless individuals who have taken advantage of the potential that a student loan has to offer.

Student Financial Assistance Information is published by the National Student Loan Data System, a service of the U.S. Department of Education. Information from this system is available to students and to the public.

Due to increased education expenses , it is very difficult for many students to complete their education at this time . Student Loans are the best way to complete their education. student loans in Pakistan can help many of people they can complete their education and complete their dream when they have not enough their financial condition.

once if students can complete their education and they can pay their education loans from their salary. Student loans are most common in international countries like the USA , uk , canda , and many other countries. Similarly many organizations in Pakistan get student loans to students who fulfil their education and complete their dream.

Organizations that offer student Loans in Pakistan

here' s i make  a list of organizations that offer student loans to those students who complete their education even nationally and internationally.

1. National bank of Pakistan (NBP)

The government of Pakistan has collaborated with the banks in Pakistan including NBP, HBL , MCB  and UBL to provide the student loans through a student loan scheme (SLS).

The NBP are changed in SLS and provide student loans without any interest . Students who want this loan need to come with requirements to apply for the loan. they will either pay directly to the student and university.

the students who are avail for this loans scheme they will reply in 10 year  of the duration and being after graduating or 6 month in the comply employment.

Application criteria:

  • student must have 70% marks in their recent exam 
  • the student must get admission in a public sector university and they cover their study including Engineering, electronic , computer science. maths. physics, chemistry , IT , Agriculture, Natural science and other departments they like.
  • the student id valid for the loan they must be 21 years old or younger for bachelor program and 31 yrs. for master program.
  • the student must be 36 yrs. old to apply for the PHD program.

2. Ihsan trust

ihsan trust is an NGO organization they offer and support to the people in the development , education ,skill development . the natural disasters are also provided by this Ihsan trust organization. 

This organization provides a student loan in Pakistan and this loan is called the ' Qarz-e-Hasna' . This is an interest free loan for the student . They have various types of loans according to their needs. 

students must pay through the repayment token amount while they study. The repayment token system is the income of student parents and their guardians . They repay the amount of loan on their monthly income after they complete their studies and they start their job.

3.Akhuwat Foundation

The Akhuwat Foundation is the most popular NGO in the country . This is specifically belonging to low income groups in the Pakistan. They provide an interest free loan for students in Pakistan . The loan is starting from RS 10,000  to 50,000 to the student according to their need.

those students who belong to a low income background and they want to complete their education . They get loans from matriculation to masters education. The loan is repaid through the instalment from the student and  their parents back to the foundation.

4.Al khidmat foundation

Al khidmat Foundation starting a Mawakhat program offers the student the interest free loan to continue their higher education.

Students can valid up to the 35,000 loans and repay in the time period and repaid by the student and their parents from the foundation.

Professional Education Foundation.

The Professional Education Foundation can offer the loans for those students who belong to these fields Engineering , Business, IT , Management , Agriculture and medicine.

This loan is provided to the student from their need and merit based system. This merit is directly provided to the university and is part of the PED board. the university includes them .

  • The University of Engineering and Technology
  • The University of Peshawar
  • National University of Sciences and Technology
  • Fatima Jinnah Medical College
  • Quaid-e-Azam Medical College


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