Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price, Specifications & Launch Date

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price, Specifications & Launch Date

Vivo drone camera phone: Manufacturers have been eliminating the camera notch on their earlier smartphones and they discovered the popup cameras, such as the red k20 pro and as Asus 6Z. other mobile companies are working on the more advanced technologies.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price, Specifications & Launch Date

such as some information that has been leaked about the Vivo. the Vivo smartphone with in-display cameras on their mobile. as recently Xiaomi has been recently launched its new smartphone Mi Mix 4 with in-display cameras on their smartphones. while other mobile companies are working on more upcoming technologies.

such as information that has been recently leaked by the Vivo smartphone with in-display cameras. other Vivo's upcoming smartphone-like VivoS12pro and Vivo mini Drone Camera Phones.

Vivo Flying Camera Phone Specs:


the upcoming smartphone from Vivo is coming with a lot of amazing features and premium-looking design. this design is very awesome and I like this device.

this vivo drone camera phone has a feature about it is coming up with a large 6.9" inches super AMOLED and highly attractive display. 16 M color display,and display pixel density is 410 PPI is (pixels per inch).

and protected with corning gorilla glass 7. the benefit of this gorilla glass is safe the display from scratches and high drop.


we always expect better from the vivo company. this Vivo smartphone comes with up the 12 GB of RAM and 256 / 512 GB of its internal storage. this smartphone is powered by the mobile and come up with the Android 12 operating system at this time.


Let us talk about the processor of this device. this vivo drone lift camera phone feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is a very powerful processor and hardware. this mobile is best for pubg gamers. this mobile always targets the gamer Audience. this smartphone comes up with 4 amazing color options which are blue, black, mocha brown, and pink gold.


this upcoming smartphone is coming up with a 6900 mAh battery, which is no removable. these strong batteries give high performance to this phone.

because of this smartphone needed a high voltage charge. this smartphone comes up with 55W fast charging which supports this cell phone.

Camera & More features:

this vivo smartphone has come up with a quad-camera in the backside of this mobile. for a better photography experience, this smartphone has a 200MP drone camera +32MP +16MP + 5MP back camera, and a 64 MP selfie camera with a shiny flashlight night vision . this vivo smartphone has Dual sill slots and both Sims are supporting the GSm /3G /Hspa+ / LTE / 5G technology.


  • vivo launch the first drone camera smartphone in the world.
  • vivo has been issued a patent
  • the smartphone is coming up with the sensor of 200MP

Vivo Drone Camera Phone

vivo submitted a patent about five months ago and they give the most inventive solution to get rid of the notch, which involves utilizing a flying drone camera phone with a camera module.

this drone camera smartphone has been expected they may be coming with dual cameras and amazing infrared proximity sensors. according to Vivo's patent filing.

the identical drone has been may be stored within the and removed as we needed. while the patent illustrations give decent infrared proximity sensors and give premium filling and how the lifting cameras modules maybe function in their amazing smartphone.

let's go the digital designer sarang sheth has released a new concept about gadgets to engage people to envision how they operate the cameras module. a module pulls coming out from the gadgets in what seems to be enlarged sim tray slots, according to the information.

the rendering to be published only for the sake of illustration and it is essential to note that vivo has yet to manufacture industrial designer and renders based any such types of the products.

What will be the battery life of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone?

the effect of the camera's modules on the mobile battery. the battery life of the mobile is a most pressing concern raised by both other parent applications and their newly published ones. because of the module's size and they need the amount of energy to run for a long period. it can need some specific amount of power from the smartphone battery.

the modules seem to extend from the mobile main body. this can use up a lot of space that is otherwise saved for a smartphone battery. another issue raised from the smartphone supplied by Seth and let's goes digital is how the drone modules of the smartphone would be turned.

while regular usage the drone cameras are fully capable of returning to the base station. the tray to be retracted and extends from the device it is like to be motorized. the modules will have fully decent and they are manually by the user. this camera's modules give the premium look to the device. this look is very amazing.

even if the firm were to create a product that includes this type of technology it might look a number of alternations and enhancements are the starting. because this technology is new. the testing of this technology gives some months and years. In the beginning they may be failed some time and can alteration and variation of this device much time and they have been successes in this .

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price

there is no official announcement about this flying drone camera phone price. whenever according to the source this vivo flying drone camera phone price in India, USA, Bangladesh, uk , Australia, and Pakistan is all about arounf the $1170 RS 85,500 and 195000 pkr (expected).

you can see the different price of this mobile given below.

Country name Expected (Price).

1. Vivo Flying Camera Phone Price in Pakistan 195000 PKR

2. Vivo Flying Camera Phone Price in Nigeria 480000 NGN

3. Vivo Flying Camera Phone Price in Mexico 23370 MXN

4. Vivo Flying Camera Phone Price in UAE 4299 AED

5. Vivo Flying Camera Phone Price in Russia 85185 RUB

6. Vivo Flying Camera Phone Price in Euro Country 990 EUR

Vivo Drone Camera Phones Price, Launch Date

it is impossible to define the pricing and releasing date of the upcoming vivo flying handset with Detachable camera phone because the vivo company has not released any type of information about these electronic devices and that reason this we can not predict any price of this device.

i wait for vivo drone camera phone this phone is very amazing and just not believed that vivo make this type of smartphone. this is one best and amazing smartphone in the world . If you purchase this mobile you feel like drone camera . because this is not a mobile it is drone camera phone. you can make drone like videos with your mobile .

you have not need any type of drone camera . it is easy handle and easy to use. this vivo drone camera phone in your pocket and you can easy travel with this phone and enjoy this moments and letsgodigital.

After reviewing the whole article, do you have any questions about the Vivo phone, please drop a comment to let us know. Finally thanks for staying with us.


is there a flying phone

No, there is no flying phone.

is vivo launching drone camera phone

There have been rumors that vivo is working on a drone camera phone, but there is no confirmation yet.

If vivo does launch a drone camera phone, it would be a major breakthrough in the smartphone industry.

what is the price of camera drone in india

The price of camera drones in India varies depending on the type and quality of the drone.

Generally, camera drones cost anywhere from Rs.

10,000 to Rs.1,50,000.

However, there are some high-end drones that can cost up to Rs.3,00,000.


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