How to work on Amazon from Pakistan

 How to work on Amazon from Pakistan

now a days every one is searching about the " how to work on amazon from Pakistan and earn money from Pakistan. today in this post i am tell you the all process that will really helpful for you and you can easily understand how its work. and how you can utilize the amazon platform to earn money by just simple working form home.

How to work on Amazon from Pakistan
 How to work on Amazon from Pakistan

Amazon has approved the Pakistan to their seller country list. so this way many amazon related income opportunities are come in the Pakistan.

they are many ways to make money from amazon in Pakistan . but in this article  How to work on Amazon from Pakistan you learn about 5 best ways to make money on amazon.

Why we Work on Amazon?

before i start the detail about how to work on amazon in Pakistan.  first let tell about some fact of amazon. the Amazon total revenue of the year of 2020  was 386 usd billion . that's way more then the total economic income size of the Pakistan . According to the report published on Ape 30, 2021. the Net profit of the amazon on 2022 around is $21.33 billions usd Dollars. yes you see right that is not actual revenue but this is the total net profit. 

that's tight we can't around the 386 Billion But we can earn a few thousand Dollars . you are going to any idea on how to make money by working on amazon. 

 let's start 

there are two ways that may related to you . you can invest your money into market place and earn the profit  and we can not want to invest any money right. 

How to Work with Amazon in Pakistan With Investment

they are various ways to make money from amazon in Pakistan but in this article i tell you the most profitable and useful easy that you can earn from amazon in Pakistan . after the start of this article I tell you some knowledge about how to work with amazon in Pakistan with investment . 

i you have some money that you can think about to invest into the market place and earn the passive income amount . the amazon is the big platform that you start you own business in the world and you can need to explore . 

1. sell your private label brand (PL)

if you have some extra money and you are think to invest in the right place then you can start you own business on amazon and selling  as a private label on amazon . some money you can invest in amazon virtual assistants.

its risk free . you need to hire any of them from fiverr , Upwork , people per hours. and any other trusted platform. visit this websites signup as an employer and search the keyword on the search bar and show the dashboard of " amazon virtual assistants".

 make sure you can hire some experience and high rating . the person have high rating that have high experience in this field. when you are investing the thousands of dollar come money you can spends on this good freelancer VA.

What are Some Selling Models on Amazon

if you are come into the delivery system then are two seller mode are avalibale on amazon.

!. Fullfilled by amazon (FBA)

2. Fullfilled by Merchant (FBM)

1. Amazon FBA

amazon FBA stands for fulfilled by amazon . that mean in this way you send your product to the amazon Warehouse. the order of the customer is fulfilment is completely amazon responsibility. Amazon can pack the item and ship to the buyer to itself. if your customer have an some issue with delivery your rating will not be affected. 

Amazon can charge some amount of warehouse charge that depend upon the item and their categories and weight of the product is available on amazon warehouse.

2. Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM)

FBM stand for fulfilled by the merchant . in this case the merchant is you . all the order and management are all responsibility is applied on you. you can manage by your self and hire the VA ( virtual assistant ) if there is some delivery issue and your rating is may be affected by delivery has not be delivered on time.

in this case you can not charge the ware house charge because in this case this is shipped by you . an amazon can provide a order management in your seller dashboard. this system can notify the new order and retune of the products etc.

Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA):

amazon virtual assistant are freelancer who provide the VA service with you can charge the some amount of their service. the virtual assistant can help you start and grow  you amazon business . we talk about it later in the blog post with more detail.

how to earn money from amazon with out investment  

in the other way i tell you that how to earn money from amazon with out investment. if you don't have investment in terms of  money . that you can join the other earning  method which have no investment in this method. 

let me show you the best ways go how to earn money online from amazon with out investment

2. 1. Work on Amazon from a Service Provider.

if you are a freelancer and you can provide a service of amazon as a freelancer. if you don't invest you money in this business . even that is best option for you that you can earn handsome amount from freelancing. learn like a few learning skills like amazon product research , listing creation , order management , brand and the trade mark registration. and sell this service in a freelancing marketplace platform like fiverr and Upwork and other freelancing platform .

in this way you need to spend money on tool ascriptions like merchant world, jungle scout. viral launch and helium 10 . this product can help you product research and product ranking  analysis and listing optimization and order managements. 

2. Amazon affiliate blogging.

amazon affiliate blogging this is great and best way that you can earn from home with out any hard work and effort and client management s. in this amazon affiliate blogging you can earn some passive income day and night with out any going hard work. 

in this amazon affiliate blog you can write article and promote amazon affiliate like ne through you blog post. you can choose a product and write an article about it and and give the product affiliate give and every visitor can click on the link and purchase any thing from your affiliate you can get some commission form amazon affiliate . 

3. Merch by Amazon Program 

march by the amazon you have don't need to any investment . if you are freelancer you can earn money from amazon. of you are graphic designer and resign an art then you can design amazon product that will amazon will pay you a commission for design their product that design are sell on the amazon platform. 

4. Amazon Kindle Store

amazon kindle store is a digital tool for the book and article writers. is you have got a topic and idea then you can write some good content on it and you can sell in on amazon and you can earn money from this.

the amazon can introduce the kindle and for reading book. lending library where people learn out e book for free from the mobile phone and kindle app.

Final Words

amazon is a platform for every people regardless to your financial state . that is no matter that you have a large amount for invest money or some some hours to spend. you can earn money from amazon in Pakistan . if you have a money then you can hire a virtual assistant . and then do research of the product and them launch it on the amazon platform .

if you have no money and you are beginner and new in this filed than you can focus on learning the skills like Amazon affiliate, blogging ,merch by the amazon and self publish your book on amazon kindle store.  and that  skill that you have interest in them you can start learning today . because first of all you can learn and then earn . and success in this field . i hope you can understand this article  How to work on Amazon from Pakistan. 

is you are beginner then you can complete read this article  How to work on Amazon from Pakistan and then start you online earning journey . if this article  How to work on Amazon from Pakistan is helpful for you then you can share this article  How to work on Amazon from Pakistan with your friends and other members . 

you get can get benefit from it and they start their journey. thanks 

written by sheheryarblogger

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